About Us

We are a family owned and operated restoration and remodeling company.  We specialize in start to finish, fast, dependable, quality craftsmanship that will both rebuild your family memories and make new ones.

For those of you who know us CINNABAR…..is not just a company or a name.  To us, it’s a business that was created 24 years ago- founded in hard work, determination and perseverance; bound together by great client and vendor relationships.


Philip Brogdon (Colt’s Dad) and his family (wife, daughters, son, and brother) started Cinnabar in 1996.  Philip was passionate about his work and serving his clients, whom most would call his friend. Colt grew up working for his dad, learning, growing, and keeping the construction trade traits in the family. Sadly, we lost Philip to cancer in 2004.  Colt stayed in the construction/ building industry through out the following years.  In 2018, Colt decided he wanted to reopen Cinnabar and keep his Dad’s construction legacy alive.  In the same tradition of hard work and dedication to a craft, Colt is honored to have taken on the family name of Cinnabar and is excited to start a Legacy of his very own! 


Mark Moran partnered with us in 2019, his 10 years of Restoration Trade Knowledge has brought tremendous value to Cinnabar.  Mark prides himself on being trustworthy and honorable and he represents the true meaning of what Cinnabar stands for.  His daily motto in which he leads by is “what’s right is right.” He has a unique trait for remodeling and restoring homes.  


Insurance Claims

Let us be your construction claim experts!  We work closely with you and your insurance company and can assist through the process from verifying claims all the way to project completion.  We can help make sure your insurance company can recover damaged costs.

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